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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sale Today

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I've added some new designs to our already expansive collection.  The above mentioned sale applies to all of our graphics, including the new ones.

This one is for the TV show Castle.  It has Beckett written above Castle, then the two names are joined by a line.  On another line that is offshooting from the connecting line is the name Caskett because that is the nickname that the Kate and Rick shippers have coined for this couple that won't come clean about their feelings for each other.
And Always is their way of saying You're welcome, especially when it comes to something as meaningful as saving each other from certain death.

So, I was sitting around one day thinking about how pirates say "Arrrr" and all the funny things that can be done with that.  This is what came to mind.  The image portion of the design is a white skull on a blue background with two swords crossed under it's chin.  Above it reads:  Pirates don't wear T-shirts and below it states They wear Arrr shirts!
I think it would be pretty entertaining to wear one on Talk Like a Pirate Day.  (It's September 19th, mark your calendar!)

This is another version of the yellow smiley face with it's mouth zipped shut.  It's such an amusing graphic I decided to make this rendition with the phrase Zip it underneath his big ol' head.
It should probably be noted - I am easily amused.  But, I'm pretty sure there are some other people out there who share this trait with me.  C'mon, you know who you are. 

Also available on shot glasses, hats and men's and women's underwear.

I'm sure some time in the last 5 minutes you have heard a person use the word epic to describe an event, a tv show, a book, a song, a stain on the carpet, a loud burp ... the possibilites are endless.  I'm guilty of it myself, it's such a fun word to just throw into a conversation.                                                                            Especially when I'm talking with my folks.  Although, I have to admit, this being the internet age and all, they really are not that far behind on the times.  My father gleefully shouts OMG loudly and often during football games, usually followed by a round of expletives that he doesn't know text speak for.  This design is my nod to all things epic and it simply says It was EPIC.

Well, everybody - that's all for now.  Take advantage of the sale and get yourself something that'll make you smile.  I'll be back soon. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Keep Calm and Carry On Parody

This is my newest design.  It's another twist on the Keep Calm and Carry On saying.  That is a fun phrase to play around with. 

This version says Keep Calm and Pick On in blue letters and above that there is a silver guitar pick. 

Some products such as the rectangle magnet and posters have a light blue background behind the graphic.

Click here to see all items we offer with this design.