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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Late Night Musings

Well, I was sitting here working on designs for the store when I decided it was too quiet and I needed music. I started listening to my newest compilation of songs that I burned to a CD.

God, sometimes I love technology. To be able to download almost any song you can think of and then put it on a CD or an MP3 player in whatever order you want with a couple clicks of a mouse or key strokes makes me giddy with happiness. Hey, I already said it was late, I'm entitled to be giddy over weird things at this hour.

Anyway, my main point of writing is to say that my favorite song of the moment is Lady Gaga's You and I. This is one of those songs that I could put on repeat for hours and not get tired of.

I remember last season on American Idol Hailey was actually given permission by Lady Gaga to sing it before it was even released. I think I thought it was catchy then, but now I am head over heels in love with it.

I love the beat, and the lyrics make me visualize scenes in my head, which to me is what a good song should do. I like Gaga's slight growl as she says 'there's only three men that I'm gonna serve my whole life, it's my Daddy, and Nebraska, and Jesus Christ, Yes.'

I like quite a lot of Lady Gaga's songs. Almost all of them are catchy and get stuck in my head. Some of her behavior I find questionable, mostly the meat dress. But I have the tendency to believe that is her theatrical side, and I guess it works for her.

If you haven't heard this song, I suggest that you give it a listen. Even if you are skeptical about it, just try it. You might like it.

That's all.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Booty for Sale!

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  We're ready to help you let your inner pirate free with our cool and funny pirate designs.  Visit to see all our swashbuckling graphics or if you like the designs below you can go directly to them. 

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This design has an angry looking pirate on it and it says 'Careful now or ye will be walkin' the plank.

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Those pesky pirates get to do and say whatever they want to!
This funny pirate themed graphic says Only pirates can get away with saying Yo Ho!  Above the words are a skull and two crossed swords.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arrrr, Matey!

Talk like a pirate day is September 19th.  Along with swash buckling and making people walk the plank, pirates also like to get some booty.  This graphic could be suggestive, but that can be your choice. 
I will be adding pirate designs often so check them out.

This clock has a light blue background with a skull and crossbones on it.  Underneath the image it reads:  Anytime is a good time for a booty call.

Also available on t-shirts, flip flops and key chains as 'This be a booty Call'

See another version with the skull and crossbones that reads: BOOTY CALL TIME.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Commemorative 10 Year Anniversary 9/11 Designs

I have made a few memorial graphics for the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the 9-11 Memorial Fund.

This graphic says

Forever changed.Forever United.
Never Forgotten.
The words never forgotten are filled in by an
American Flag.
T-shirts, stickers and more.

This patriotic design has the date 9.11.01 above an oval of blue sky with clouds in it. There is an American Flag against the backdrop of the sky. On the corner of the oval there is a yellow ribbon that says 10 years. Under the image is the date 9.11.11 and the words: We have not forgotten.

See it on t-shirts, bags and more.

Also available without the yellow ribbon.

This memorial design says 9-11-01 / 9-11-11 curved above a waving American flag. Under the graphic reads: 10 Years, We will always remember. Lettering and dates are in light blue.

Available on t-shirts and other apparel as well as home furnishings.

The dates 9-11-01 / 9-11-11 and two blue buildings (representing the

North and South tower memorial lights) are set against the backdrop
of an American flag. Under the image reads: Never Forget.

See it on key chains, shirts and more.

9/11 Ten Year Anniversary - My Personal Recollections

It's so hard to believe that it's been 10 years since September 11th or the term 9-11 became something that evokes memories of airplanes slamming into buildings, the World Trade Center towers collapsing down into themselves and dark smoke blotting out the skyline of Manhattan.

Then, the terrifying news that there was a bomb at the Pentagon. Which later turned out to be a plane. As it was happening there was so much information being reported that alot of it was either completely wrong or the details were incorrect.

The fourth plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania and it was later thought to be heading for either the White House or the Capital.

Along with the thoughts of the bad things that happened that day, there also comes to mind some heart-warming emotions. The bravery of the all the people who gave their lives for others as well as the heroic rescues that continued for days afterwards. Also, the way people came together to help others, sharing their emotional burdens with them.

I would like to share my personal journal entries from that day and a couple days afterward.

September 11, 2001 is certainly going to be a day that goes down in the history books. Today four commercial planes were hijacked and crashed into various places. The first two crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The third into the Pentagon and the other in Pennsylvania in a field, but they think it was probably destined for somewhere else.

The coverage has been on all day. They're saying it was a terrorist attack but no one's stepped up to claim it.

It's been scary today. Just because you were never sure what might happen next. Hopefully it's over. My state is in a state of emergency. Every airport in the US has closed. That happened this morning after the second plane crash. They closed most businesses early and evacuated all the high rise buildings downtown.

It is absolutely horrific what's happened today. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. The Twin Towers collapsed. It looks like they were never even there. I've been watching the coverage non stop since I got home from work and although I know what happened and it is slowly sinking in, there is still this shocked disbelief that goes along with it. I know it's nothing compared to the people that were/are actually there but [that's how I feel.]

Well, the news coverage since Tuesday has been non-stop. I've been watching whenever I can. Yes, you hear alot of the same stuff over and over again, but you never know when something new will develop. I've even been listening to Talk Radio news programs the last couple days.

This is my generations historical event. We've been through other crises but none that happened virtually in our own backyard.

On Tuesday it didn't really hit me until I started to hear the personal accounts of people. And that's when it upset me. Before that it was bad, sad, horrible, all those things and more, but to hear people talk about loved ones that called them just before their planes went down was heartwrenching.

Yesterday, but especially today, since the smoke has finally started to clear you can really get a good look at what the downed buildings look like. They're gutted and split. It's incredible. Where the World Trade Center stood is just a mass of twisted, mangled metal, covered with gray dust. It's just everywhere.

This whole idea of war is really scary. The more I think about it the more bummed out and freaked out I get. Maybe it was naive, but I really didn't think anything like this would happen in my lifetime. I guess I had thought about it, but it's one of those things that are entirely different when you think about it, compared to when it actually happens.

Hopefully everything is going to be alright. But, it's weird. It's like things have really changed since the attacks happened. Not so much in the literal sense because I'm still doing the same things I always have, I guess it's my mentality. I know when I see a plane in the sky now (which are few and far between, by the way) it freaks me out a little bit. It's no longer, Oh, that's just a plane. Now it's more like, There's a plane, I wonder if it's getting ready to crash into something. F--king crazy. F--king scary.

So I wonder how things will have changed once this is all over with? And will it ever be all over with? Even once this is taken care of will there always be the threat of more attacks?


Now, ten years later I know that at some level this war will probably always go on, and it probably always was going on in one form or another. I know that in May our wonderful Navy Seals took out Bin Laden. I no longer feel the same fear when I see a plane transverse the sky, at least not to the same degree as in the beginning. But, I have never forgotten, nor will I ever, the events of September 11, 2001 and the impact that they had on me and the entire rest of the world.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Sale!

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Hurricane Irene
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Keep Calm and Carry On Parody
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Screw Calm and Run Like Hell

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August 23, 2011
A Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
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Flip Flops with a beautiful
beach sunset over the ocean
with some fishing poles to add
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