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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fourth of July Sale!

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our country's independence.  Most people have cook outs and then watch fireworks after dark.  This year we want to offer you the opportunity to get some awesome t-shirts, tank tops, and aprons.  If you don't need anymore clothing we have many other items as well, such as water bottles, wall art, flip flops and home decor accessories.

Come and see our huge selection for yourself.   

Save $15 on orders over $60*, thru 6/28. Coupon Code INDEPEN60. 

See main website for full details.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Honey Badger Merchandise

Long time, no post.  We've still been busy cranking out funny designs for our t-shirts though.  Here's what we've been working on:

The honey badger is one animal you don't want to mess with.  Maybe you are having a bad day and are feeling nasty like the honey badger.  Now you can warn people to stay out of your way with this funny design that is a yellow and red triangle crossing sign with an image of a pissed off honey badger on it.  The sign has the text:  Honey Badger Crossing.  Get it on hats, t-shirts, stickers and more. 

 This funny design has an image of a black and white honey badger with its his head angled down, standing on the words HONEY BADGER and below that are the letters 'BAMF'.  The text of the design is in red.  The graphic is shown here on a women's tank top but is available on men's clothing as well as accessories like messenger bags and hats.  See all the merchandise in our "Honey Badger BAMF" collection.

The honey badger has become well-known for being a bad ass.  If you are a fan of this animal and want to give it the respect it deserves here's your chance with our awesome design.  It reads:  "Property of Honey Badger XXL" above an image of a honey badger growling and showing its teeth.  Below the picture are the words "Badass Dept."  The graphic is displayed on a Charcoal colored Dark T-shirt, but is offered on many other shirt styles and items.  See everything the "Property of Honey Badger Badass Dept." design is available on here.