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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drink up! After All it's Only Brain Surgery

Alright, I admit it.  I watch a great deal of television.  It's something to do, it entertains me, sometimes I even learn from it.  Quite often it makes me go what the hell?

I have noticed that in most shows that center around hospitals and doctors that quite often at some point a doctor will open a desk drawer and pull out a bottle of the hard stuff.  They then drink it as is or add it to whatever liquid might already be in their cup.  And yes, anyone who has ever watched House knows that he pops Vicodins like they're Viagra and he's Hugh Hefner, that's one of his character traits.  So, I'm not even referring to that.

The last hospital show I think I saw it in was Hawthorne, which I just started watching.  But, there was a tense conversation between the head of the hospital and an employee and after the employee left the HOH pulled some type of liquor out of one of his desk drawers.

The other place I see people regularly indulging in a swig or two is crime shows.  Cops, FBI agents, US Marshals, if there is a show about a particular agency then someone on it probably has unearthed a bottle of some kind of booze from a drawer.  I know I have seen it happen on my beloved Fringe (although I can't remember if anyone actually drank it or not.) and In Plain Sight.  There's been more instances but I didn't write them down and my mental notes, they're a little chaotic and disappear easily.

My point is ... it probably is not the best idea to drink alcohol at any job.  But, when that job entails you slicing someone open and playing with their insides or pointing a gun and, well, I was going to say firing, but just pointing a gun is bad enough then it should be an even bigger no-no.  I just find it interesting how often I see it.  At any job I've ever had, if I was caught with alcohol there would've been some major repercussions.  But I guess that's TVland for you. 

Just my thoughts.

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