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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sale Today and Tomorrow (Plus New Designs!)

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*See full sale details at Thought Provoking Shirts.


This funny design is perfect for those days when you wish everyone would just be quiet.  It's a kinder, more gentle version of a much more explicit expression.  Which, let's face it, STFU may be more fun to say, but not always appropriate.  The graphic is a cartoon duck with a talk bubble showing that it is saying 'Quack' over and over.  Underneath the image the words 'Please shut the duck up' are written.

Here we have a red Hello my name is sticker and the name is Nan Yabee Sinese.  Get some laughs at parties or family get-togethers by wearing a t-shirt or hat with this funny design.  They might have to sound it out for a second, but soon they'll realize that you're telling them your name is 'None of your business.'  The graphic is located in the left pocket area of the shirts (for most styles) so it resembles an actual sticker.

Well, those first two designs were made for people who like to throw around a bit of attitude now and then.  Now, for rock and roll, guitar, and pirate lovers ... we give you these:

This graphic features a skull with an eyepatch and instead of crossbones it has two black electric guitars behind it.  Under the image is the wording:  Rock all day Pirate all night.

If you or someone you know plays  an acoustic guitar, this would make a great addition to your home or a wonderful Christmas gift idea.  We have three styles of wall clocks featuring an acoustic guitar and the words Time to Play.  The numbers on the clock face are guitar picks.  Background color is in beige.  

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